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Homeplate Plaza

Homeplate Plaza is a successful mixed use project home to King 5 News, restaurants, retail shops, significant and commercial ventures.

Below ground parking is convenient for game events, and the plaza above is a destination for gathering before and after events, for commercial staff as well as visitors to Seattle. The vision for this project was as a gateway not only to Seattle, but also to the sports complexes adjacent to it.

The concept is one of slipping planes made up of patterns defined by paving, planters, water features and the "red rods" site sculpture. ISD crafted an international search for artists: the artist selected was one whose work fit into the concept of actual bamboo pared with a metaphor for bamboo as seen at night. ISD was the sole design profession for all exterior spaces including hardscape, landscape, irrigation, lighting, site features and furnishings, and selection and siting of site sculpture.

Courtyard design and artwork selection by ISD