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Outdoor Kitchen

North Seattle renovation with the vision to create an outdoor cooking/dining space as an extension of the kitchen. Our clients are ardent cooks, love family gathering, and appreciate the NW seasons for being outside in all but the most cold and rainy winter. A number of concepts were explored with the a final design that included grill/cooktop, pizza oven/ prep space, and a bankette. The built elements include custom countertops, wrap around stone wains coating, stainless steel cabinets, hardwood decking and screen walls, soffited ceilings with lighting, elaborate yet elegant post and beam supports of a gabled roof with both solid and a glazed clerestory.

Below is a sophisticated fine woodworking shop entered from a landscape and walkway which terraces down to a private court at the lower level.

Galley kitchen with pizza oven, grill, cooktop, sink