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Rural Mt. Rainier Estate

A 20 acre parcel began as a vision and was transformed into a spacious estate. The goals were to preserve natural areas, harmonize with the rural pastural landscape, open to the amazing presence of Mount Rainier, and create an family oriented retreat. Entering the estate, one travels along a serpentine forested drive, pauses at a custom ornamental gate, and leaves the forest to be greeted by an amazing panoramic view of Mount Rainier. The vistor contines on a winding loop drive thru meadows, past lawn parterres and orchards, and finally at a parking court leading to the main walkway and residence. Built elements and organically arranged main residence, vehicle courts and walkways, a garage/shop, and the caretakers quarters. Site features include a doubles tennis court, water features, spa, patios, decks, outdoor dining, and decorative fences, pergola's and arbors. The entry walk spans over and thru the main water feature, which replicated the owners favorite landscape of columnar basalt formations in Eastern Washington. Plantings include orchards, vineyard, perennial borders, lawn parterre's, lawn courts (badminton, volleyball, and a sunken trampoline), and ornamental gardens. Site lighting, sound systems, and automatic irrigation support the garden staff's maintenance of the estate. Environmental features include water harvesting and re-reuse for the irrigation, carefully sited building for solar cells, and careful plant selection to reduce water use.

ISD was the prime design consultant for the entire estate.

Aerial view of Enumclaw Estate