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Bellefield Office Campus

GLU is located at the heart of the Bellefield campus.

The existing ADA ramp and conifer trees dominated the entry to the building, large scraggly rhododendrons and ivy groundcover did little to establish a character attractive to upcoming high tech companies, and there was little openspace for gathering and recreating typically desired by millenial employees.

Architectural modifications to GLU consisted eliminating the ADA ramp in favor of an at grade lobby with an elevator core serving the second floor office spaces call the "wings".

The landscape character is "environmental contemporary....geometric patterns, a simple plant pallette, and plantings which will thrive in a wetland environment. Mounded land forms, allee's of trees, and informal hedges screen the parking area as seen from the main entry walkway. Landscape elements included an axial walkway leading to the lobby, a large lawn parterre, a constructed wetland, site signage, site lighting, plantings, decorative bike racks, and bench seating.

Existing office building and landscape